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Cookie Types

The web site contains two types of cookies. The first type, session cookie, is stored only temporarily while visiting the site. In order to use our services on the website, the visitor must allow the use of session cookies. They are used to enable the visitor to perform his / her tasks and disappears when logging out or closing the browser. If the visitor denies the usage of session cookies, some services may not be available on the site.

The second type, persistent cookie, saves a file for a limited time on the visitor's computer. This site uses persistent cookies to track visitors' navigation on the site and to collect statistics in order to optimize and improve the site. Some of these persistent cookies are so-called third party cookies from web traffic analysis companies that we employ for various features on our site. The information is used to improve our website. If the visitor does not agree to the use of persistent cookies, the visitor can change this here below or in their browser's security settings. The visitor may deny the use of persistent cookies without affecting the functionality of the site.

Cookies And Their Usage

This is a list of the cookies used on this web site:

_ga2 yearsUsed to distinguish users.
_gat1 minuteUsed to throttle request rate.
_gid1 dayUsed to distinguish users.
__utma2 yearsUsed to distinguish users and sessions.
cookie_consent_statusneverTracks your consent for cookies.

You can read more about Google Analytics and its usage of cookies and statistics here: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites (opens in a new window).