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iMyList is an advanced list manager app that helps you to create lists for anything you need. The app contains great tools for sharing, sorting, searching, editing, and viewing your information.

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iMyList is available now on the App Store.

It is available in English, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, French, German, and Swedish.

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Design Your Lists

Design your lists by specifying the name, icon (predefined icons or your own pictures in your library), columns and charts.

Multiple Column Types

Support for text, email addresses, web addresses, decimal numbers, integer numbers, dates, times, checkboxes, yes/no-values, on/off-values, geographical (GPS) locations with automatic address lookup, images, and custom value-lists.

List and Map Views

View data as lists with columns and rows, or as annotated maps when using map locations. Each row in the list is displayed in the map as a pin or your own picture (if defined).

Chart Editor

Create your own charts to visualize your data. Charts are designed in the chart editor. You can create bar, stacked bar, horizontal bar, line, bubble, scatter, candle, combined, pie, and radar charts.

Formula Editor

Columns support formula expressions to automatically calculate values. Expression are created using the graphical formula editor. Additional expression and functions may be added with in-app purchases.

Email and Web Links

Touch email addresses displayed in lists to send an email to the receiver. Touch the mail envelope under the column in the list footer to send an email to all (or matching the search criteria) email addresses in the column.

Touch web addresses to open the site in a web browser.


Sort data by touching on column heads or by dragging rows.

Column Width

Adjust column widths by dragging column heads.

Horizontal Scrolling

Support for horizontal scrolling for lists with many columns.

Share Lists

Share lists using AirDrop, Mail, Messages, Facebook, or Twitter, among others. You can also print, export to files and create pdf files.

Import Lists

Support for importing lists from shared iMyList lists or CSV-files created in other applications.


Support for folders to organise your lists.


Set predefined icons or use your own photos or images as icons for lists and folders.

Summary Functions

Support for several summary functions, like count, sum, average, minimum, and maximum values, depending on the column type.


Parts of this app uses Charts, the iOS version of MPAndroidChart, a copyrighted library for displaying charts. You can view and download its license file here: Charts licence file (text file).

If you have any ideas about or problems with the app, please send an email to

iMyList is designed and developed in Sweden by CalluxNet AB.