Developed Software

iMyList App

iMyList is an advanced list manager app that helps the user to create lists for anything they need. The app contains great tools for sharing, sorting, searching, editing, and viewing your information.

Sportvagnsklubben Göteborg App

App for the members of the Sportvagnsklubben Göteborg sports car club to see the calendar, events, their tickets, and other information about their membership and the club.

Sportvagnsklubben Göteborg Web Site

Andras Lengyel, CEO of CalluxNet, is a board member of the Sportvagnsklubben Göteborg sports car club and web master for its web site and Facebook group. He designed the user interface of the site.

Sadholms Academy Webshop (International)

Design and development of the Sadholms Academy international webshop site. Users may shop items and book sessions and pay with the PayPal service. The web supports switching between several languages.

Sadholms Akademi Web Site

Design and development of the Sadholms Akademi web site.

GuitarMan - Guitar Tuner Tool App

GuitarMan turns the iPhone or iPad device into a realistic, precise, and easy-to-use guitar tuner.

Instrument Champ

Instrument Champ is a music game service for learning to play music and playing with friends online. You can play with real instruments like acoustic guitar, piano, and drums, and also sing along. CalluxNet helped to convert the existing software to the Mac OSX platform.

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