GuitarMan - Guitar Tuner Tool App

GuitarMan turns your iPhone into a realistic, precise, and easy-to-use guitar tuner.

This app is now removed from the AppStore.

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Automatic or Manual Tone Selection

You can use GuitarMan in either automatic or manual mode. In automatic mode it will identify the string you are playing on your instrument and select the nearest tone on the display. In manual mode you select the tone by pressing one of the tone buttons on the display and play the string on your instrument.

Analyzes Sound and Displays Frequency

When a tone is selected, GuitarMan will analyze the sound you are playing and show how close it is to the correct frequency with LED-lights and frequency numbers. The LEDs are red when the sound is more than 0.2% off, and turn green when the sound has the correct frequency.

Reference Tone

GuitarMan can play the selected tone as a reference tone to assist you when tuning your instrument.


A total of 45 different tunings are included: standard, lower (D# half step down, D full step down, C#, and C), higher (F, F#, G, and G#), dropped (drop D, C#, C, B, A#, and A), double dropped (double drop D, C#, C, B, A#, and A), major open (open A, B, C, D, E, F, and G), minor open (open A, C, C#, D, E, and G minor), extended chord (open A, C, D and E minor7, open C, D, E, and G major7), and miscellaneous (Dsus4, DADDAD, all fourths, and all fifths).

Adjustable Sensitivity

You can also adjust the sensitivity of the sound analysis. Lower the sensitivity setting to adjust for background noise, or increase it when you are playing silently.

GuitarMan is developed jointly by CalluxNet AB (app development, graphic design) and FyraTimmar AB (graphic design).